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How to deal with bribery in your supply chain…

The importance of having robust supply chains cannot be overstated. Recent geopolitical and societal events have caused widespread disruption on a scale not seen in recent history. In the UK, the affects of COVID, the war in Ukraine, Brexit and the cost-of-living crisis continue to be felt keenly, and as a result supply chains are having to adapt to the constant changing landscape causing financial pressure on margins. Where there are difficulties, risks increase, especially as there are those who will seek to take advantage of any situation for personal gain.

Fraud… Nothing To See Here!

An exclusive and thought-provoking roundtable discussion hosted by Tenet Law and Newid Consulting – challenging the norm of why the risk and impact of fraud isn’t talked about more among RPs in the social housing sector, and what needs to be done to prevent it.

Beyond the red flags

In this article, Arun Chauhan, fraud Specialist and founder of multi-award winning disputes and compliance law firm Tenet delves into the connection between fraud prevention, the fabric of corporate culture, and the pivotal role of leadership, revealing that engaged employees aren’t just a defence against fraud, they’re the driving force behind a culture of ethics and a roadmap to unshakeable success.

Undue Influence and Personal Guarantees

Undue influence has the ability to have a huge impact on the enforceability of a contract, for example, where the victim of a fraud has been pressured by someone in a position of influence over them into providing a personal guarantee under a loan agreement.

Breach of Confidence and Fraud

Breach of confidence or breach of confidential information is when an individual or a company discloses information that is known, or ought to have been known (express or implied,) to be confidential and that information is for a restricted purpose and the recipient then uses it without consent. It can arise in either the law of contract or equity (being an action to prevent extreme unfairness).

One step ahead: how fraud survives bankruptcy

By its very nature fraud is about dishonesty for personal gain. Dishonesty often continues beyond any judgment against the perpetrator, and fraudsters often have a number of tricks up their sleeve to evade payment of any judgment debt.

World Whistle Blowing Day

Annually, on June 23rd, attention is drawn to the act of whistleblowing and its crucial contribution towards creating a more just world. It is a day to acknowledge those individuals who have made a positive impact by safely speaking out.

Supply chain disruption: what are the pitfalls?

Like all sectors, the food and drink industry is currently feeling the effects of global supply chain disruption. There are a number of reasons for the interference with supply chains, however, COVID-19 remains at the top of the list.

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