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Manufacturing is an industry which suffers high volumes of both fraud and cyber-attacks. According to the Global Fraud and Risk Report 2019/20 from Kroll, this industry was most at risk facing a variety of internal and external fraud threats.

Fighting fraud for the Manufacturing sector

Manufacturing can have higher losses to fraud compared to other industries which makes it crucial for businesses in the sector to have a robust fraud prevention plan in place.

Understanding your organisation’s risk to fraud will help prevent and also identify fraud incidents early which improves the chances of recovering funds and reducing the impact on a company’s reputation.

Managing a manufacturing business is fast paced and highly pressured, it is often complicated by complex supply chains and short timescales which all add to the challenges to combat fraud. That is where Tenet can help. We know, especially for SMEs in this sector, how difficult it can be to find time to implement fraud controls or to know what to do, if for example, you suspect an employee has diverted money or assets away from your business.

Other threats are now more serious in such a competitive age. In a Global Fraud and Risk Report, Kroll recognised IP theft in the manufacturing sector to be significantly more likely as well as having the highest incidence of leaks of internal information. These types of attacks are related to data loss (the most common targets being customer records, IP, trade secrets, R&D and employee records) or theft of IP by way of an employee leaking data can have significant implications.

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Our expertise

  • Advising a US listed company on concerns relating to its agent in a tender process in the Middle East
  • Advising a jewellery manufacturer in relation to a fraudulent lease finance scheme they were tricked to enter into
  • Advising numerous manufacturers following discovery of employees in finance roles who had stolen money for their own benefit including applications for freezing injunctions
  • Advising companies on claims against employees who had stolen customer identity and pricing lists
  • Advising a company on suing one of its directors for breach of their duty of acting with reasonable care and skill in allowing loss caused by fraud
  • Advising manufacturer on professional negligence claim against their accountant on failing to detect fraud
  • Advising on numerous cases of unfair prejudice and breach of fiduciary duties between shareholders and directors

Discovery of fraud is always when least expected and often leaves business owners or managers in a position of not knowing what to do, how to protect their business and stop ongoing losses and reputation damage. Our in-depth experience of manufacturing fraud cases will give you confidence along with the immediate steps you need to take to protect your business.

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