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Employee Fraud

Tenet’s extensive experience and knowledge about fraud and dishonesty means we are ideally placed to advise employers on how to reduce the risk of fraud or how to respond when fraud is suspected or discovered.

Litigation Expertise

Our experience of advising on numerous employee dishonesty cases means we have a good understanding of contractual and implied duties owed by employees to their employers. We can help quickly identify where employees are a ‘fiduciary’ i.e. have heightened duties or when you need to understand whether the restrictive covenants in an employee’s contract are enforceable to protect the interests of your business where you suspect dishonest behaviour.

Key when suspecting fraud is to know what to do in terms of your initial investigation steps, who to inform, who to involve, who to exclude, what court procedures can help (such as non-party disclosure or freezing injunctions) and how to deal with your regulator or any other authority if relevant to you.

These decisions can take up valuable time and when managing uncertainty and high risk you need advice you can action quickly so you can be confident you are doing all that is possible to protect your organisation. 

Tenet keeps things simple and whether we are needed to help educate your employees of fraud risks or to use the tools of the Court process, we can offer clear solutions and help you understand the process.

To find out how we can help please give us a call or email us.

Our expertise

Examples of cases we have advised clients on:

  • Claims against finance employees (finance manager / bookkeeper) on stealing money from client companies
  • Diversion of assets (stock)
  • Stealing customer databases, intellectual property to aid competitors and set up in competition leading to our advising on a ‘spring board injunction’
  • Cases of collusion with contractors in exchange for personal benefits

If you suspect or have been affected by the conduct of an employee resulting in the theft of money, confidential information, intellectual property or trade secrets, then Tenet can advise on the various options available to you, such as search and seizure orders, spring board and/or freezing injunctions.

To discover more about the world of financial crime and fraud please see our Fraud Hub.

To learn more about tips on dealing with employee fraud read here.

Let’s get you sorted

We understand when dealing with fraud it can often be fast paced and confusing, lonely and worrying. We are a safe place to help you from start to finish.

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