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April 28

We Fight Fraud Live 2022

Find Out What The Criminals Are Thinking

WFFL provides you deep insights into crime, enforcement and financial crime which mean that you are better prepared to protect your organisation. Using former criminals, hackers, enforcement, fraud fighters of all sorts to provide a live, current and revealing view into the fight against crime.

We Fight Fraud
Glaziers Hall, London Bridge & Online
April 27

Staffordshire Counter Fraud Partnership Networking Event

Investigating Employee Fraud – A Lawyers View

The partnership consists of 9 local authorities, 3 housing associations and the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce who work with 4,500 SME’s in Staffordshire. The networking event aims to  raise awareness and to encourage organisations from both the public and the private sectors to exchange ideas and promote a county-wide anti-fraud culture.

Staffordshire Counter Fraud Partnership
City of Stoke-on-Trent 
September 16

Having lived and breathed employee fraud investigations for housing associations, in this session specialist fraud and financial crime solicitor, Arun Chauhan, will examine why employees do not follow the rules and provide an overview of key considerations and tips for running an internal fraud investigation.

September 14

The Next Frontier: a focus on fraud

Expert Panelist – Live Round Table

Earlier this year, we published a special report on the ever-changing landscape of fraud. We are delighted to expand on this report, by broadcasting a live virtual round table event. In this session, our panellists will examine the current fraud landscape, and discuss how collaboration between the financial services, government and public sectors can tackle the evolving tactics used by fraudsters.

Chartered Banker
Webinar at 13.00

Fraud Hub: Executive Summaries

After the Event Insurance

An ATE Insurance policy is provided by a specialist insurer to provide protection to a party in the event after court proceedings they have to make payment of an opponent’s legal costs.

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Electronic Disclosure

Electronic Disclosure (“eDisclosure”) is a part of the disclosure process and applies in multi-track claims, this being where the value of the claim is over £25,000. Parties are required to…

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Conditional Fee Agreement

A CFA is a funding option that we may consider for your case. This executive summary provides guidance on what a CFA is and how it works. In short, a CFA shares both risk and reward with you.

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