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Fraud Hub

The Fraud Hub is where we share knowledge and information, through our articles, case studies, information on events we speak at and more.

Join top experts at Sumsub Multiverse to find out the latest in fraud prevention, meet like-minded professionals, and discover how AI is changing fintech.

No time wasted. Real talks led by leading industry experts on real-life business cases and best practices. Every member of the event is pre-moderated, so you can expect fantastic company.

Date: Thursday 9th May 2024, 6:30pm


Sumsub Multiverse
8 Northumberland Ave, London

Arun will be joining todays ‘Fight the Fraud – Feel a Fraud’ webinar with Claire Maillet and a panel of fraud professional exploring the important topic of imposter syndrome and mental illness in the counter-fraud industry.

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2024, 12-1pm



Engaging the Power of Language to Disrupt Fraud

Register your free place now for Tenet’s latest session in the “At the Coal Face” series. This time, we’re diving into the fascinating topic of engaging the power of language to disrupt fraud.

Tenet’s Arun Chauhan will be joined by Dr. Elisabeth Carter, renowned criminologist and forensic linguist. Discover how she examines the manipulation of interactional, ethical, and social drivers by fraudsters, and the delicate balance between power and persuasion, credibility and vulnerability.

Join us ‘At the Coal Face’ to explore:

  • How words subtly shape human behaviour for desired results.
  • Encouraging a ‘speaking up’ culture for natural employee engagement
  • Overcoming misperceptions to drive effective organisational change.
  • Improving fraud warnings issued by banks to their customers.
  • Recognising the impact of internal dialogue on fraud prevention strategies.

Date: Thursday 30th April, 12pm – 1pm


Don’t miss this free opportunity to hear from award winning Dr. Elisabeth Carter, recognised for her expertise in examining fraudulent interactions. Her research supports law enforcement campaigns, informs the Home Office Fraud Strategy, guides police operations, advises the financial industry, and provides actionable strategies to combat fraudulent communications across a range of sectors.

Tenet’s Arun Chauhan

Fraud Risk for Law Firms

Tenet’s Arun Chauhan will discuss the risk of fraud to the legal sector and for firms in terms of their risk to loss to fraud. Reviewing current fraud landscape in the UK, the scale of fraud, the evolving nature of corporate liability which captures law firms, the SRA’s expectations of law firms, stories in the sector, considering why people break the rules, organisational and people controls and how to assess your own risk and build good practice.

Date: Wednesday 24th April, 9:30am – 4:30pm


Mercia Group

Fraud Hub: Executive Summaries

After the Event Insurance

An ATE Insurance policy is provided by a specialist insurer to provide protection to a party in the event after court proceedings they have to make payment of an opponent’s legal costs.

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Electronic Disclosure

Electronic Disclosure (“eDisclosure”) is a part of the disclosure process and applies in multi-track claims, this being where the value of the claim is over £25,000. Parties are required to…

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Conditional Fee Agreement

A CFA is a funding option that we may consider for your case. This executive summary provides guidance on what a CFA is and how it works. In short, a CFA shares both risk and reward with you.

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