September 29 September 30

A panel discussion led by Arun Chauhan looking at whether misrepresentation and mislabeling are one and the same? Considering the legal landscape and discussion on gaining an understanding of business risks (intentional or unintentional) arising from mislabeling.

New Food
Twickenham Stadium, London
July 9

The BIG Compliance Festival 2020

Leaders, Culture and Fraud

As we respond to the financial risk exposures following COVID-19, many commentators are envisaging a new wave of fraud. Is increased regulation the answer to the risks which became so apparent during the financial crash of 2008? This presentation looks at leadership, not through the lens of governance, but through the lens of how leaders create a culture that causes disenchantment amongst employees which itself can be critical in creating not a lone wolf, but a pack of wolves of internal fraud risk.

The International Compliance Association
June 4

Webinar – The Risk of Fraud – Housing Associations

Fraud Risks For Housing Associations

The webinar will consider the issues associated with the risk of fraud to your organisation and how housing associations can help mitigate those risks effectively.

Webinar hosted by AJG/Gallagher Housing
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