Fintech Sector

Fintech has revolutionised the way we engage with financial services. However, the rapid growth has triggered increased vulnerability to fraud and regulatory scrutiny.
Fighting fraud for Fintechs

The accelerating pace of technology change is providing numerous opportunities but also building potential risks in terms of financial compliance pressures and opportunities for fraud.

The sector will continue to accelerate in line with digital innovation as new products are launched but at each turn, risk relating to financial crime needs to be considered.

Our clients talk to us about how their organisations are conscious of their financial crime compliance obligations but often the pace of expansion through popularity (through Apps and industry recognition) creates challenges that require practical and prompt advice to remain compliant.

It is these challenges where we assist our clients as they endeavour to find the balance between growth, regulatory risk and managing the cost of compliance in an increasing complex arena.

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Download our helpful guidance on financial crime compliance obligations for banks, EMIs and payment institutions.

Sector expertise

  • Advising on internal and external reporting arising out of financial crime or fraud.
  • Advice on matters relating to AML from preparation and submitting SARs / DAMLs, advice on Claytons Case and managing demands by customers or originating banks seeking action relating to accounts suspended due to AML concerns.
  • Advising on fraud related recoveries / disputes / litigation arising from customer relationships.
  • Advising on compliance with various types of financial crime / fraud related Court orders or requests for information from third parties or other organisations.

Tenet keeps it simple, guiding your internal approach to remedy issues and providing tailored advice on improving policies and procedures. Our team can support your business by providing expertise as a ‘bolt on’ to your in-house legal and financial crime compliance teams (as opposed to a traditional external counsel engagement) or alternatively by bridging the gap between these teams in your organisation where you can purchase blocks of hours of our time for ad hoc support. Alternatively, we are here to assist in the more traditional external counsel support model.

Members of our team have demonstrated their focus on the financial services industry by pursuing qualifications from the sector leading International Compliance Association in the area of financial crime compliance. Growing a business in this fintech sector increases the financial crime risks you are exposed to.

To discover more about the world of financial crime and fraud please see our Fraud Hub.

Confidence starts here

Growing a business quickly means you are more likely to be targeted or become a victim of financial crime. Speak to our team and let us help identify those risks.

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