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Professional Negligence

We provide specialist professional negligence advice to both individuals and businesses where there has been fraudulent and/or dishonest behaviour.
Litigation Expertise

Professional negligence occurs where a professional adviser breaches the duty of care it owes to its client. If the professional adviser fails to act with reasonable care and skill and that failure causes its client loss, the client might be able to bring a claim against the professional adviser to recover that loss. Often, the professional adviser will have insurance cover in respect of the loss suffered by its client.

We help clients to formulate their claim, navigate the legal process and achieve a resolution at the earliest opportunity; providing support and ensuring professionalism every step of the way.

We appreciate the emotional and financial consequences for victims of fraud and so where there are sufficiently good prospects of the professional negligence claim succeeding, Tenet will consider fee arrangements which enable the client to defer a proportion of our fees pending the successful conclusion of the claim.

To find out how we can help please give us a call or email us.

Our expertise

Claims against solicitors:

  • The transfer of money to a fraudster’s bank account as a result of the solicitor’s email account being hacked.
  • The failure to identify fraud indicators in conveyancing transactions, property investment schemes and corporate transactions.
  • The failure to provide adequate advice in relation to commercial litigation claims which involve allegations of fraud.

Claims against accountants:

  • The failure to identify a fraud when carrying out an audit.

Claims against insurance brokers:

  • The failure to obtain adequate insurance cover relative to an organisation’s fraud risk.

Tenet provides specialist professional negligence advice to individuals and to businesses where there has been fraudulent and/or dishonest behaviour. It is important in these types of cases to move quickly so please speak to us if you have any questions or think you may have a potential professional negligence claim.

To discover more about the world of financial crime and fraud please see our Fraud Hub.

Let’s get you sorted

We understand when dealing with fraud it can often be fast paced and confusing, lonely and worrying. We are a safe place to help you from start to finish.

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