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Helping Our Communities

We are proud to do “our bit” and help some of our communities as best we can. Here are some examples of what we achieve.

Tenet’s ‘Good Souls Project’

As Tenet grows, giving back to our community is something which is important to every member of the team.

As part of this, in January 2020, we set up an internal programme of sponsorship, designed to support a local, smaller causes through Go Fund Me or Just Giving pages. We decided we want to help the un-sung heroes fund raising for their local communities or causes.

The ‘Good Souls Project’ is designed to make Tenet’s charitable donations and sponsorships a regular occurrence, driven by the entire team.

Each month, a different member of the Tenet team has the opportunity to select a cause which they would like to donate to.

We have recently decided to become a business sponsor for one of the schools within our local community.

The school is facing state funding cuts, which means resources and extracurricular activities that they provide are under threat. The school tentatively asked if any local businesses would sponsor them in return for marketing/advertising opportunities, openly admitting that it was not a glamorous opportunity! The funds raised will help the school retain its rich heritage of music, arts, forest school, cooking and many other extracurricular activities. While we are not perhaps reaching our potential clients, that’s okay, you never know and it’s nice to help!

In early 2017 we were approached by Open Door Dance Events about helping to find sponsors for a community hospital dance project. The founder Iain Mackay’s (a former principal dancer at Birmingham Royal Ballet) goal was to take high-quality live dance into places you wouldn’t expect to see it.

In summary, he was looking for funding to bring a dance performance to patients and staff at local hospitals: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We are proud to support Iain and his efforts, after all, he is trying to bring a smile to peoples faces, and that must be a good thing.

Iain has since moved on to the role of Artistic director at Yorkshire Ballet Seminars, a charity providing a great platform to help develop and inspire a new generation of ballet dancers. He approached us again to ask if we would consider forming a ‘Tenet Compliance and Litigation Scholarship’ to fund places for talented young students aged 9-19 in the West Midlands to attend their annual summer residential school. These students would otherwise not be able to afford to attend this world-renowned school. We have been happy and proud to have so far sponsored 3 immensely talented young students since 2018.

As for the environment, we try to be ‘paperless’.

No lawyer will tell you they can be truly paperless, frankly, it is not possible, but we realised we do not need to print everything we read and send. If we do need to print out for internal use, a client of ours suggested we try double sided A5. What do you know, it works just fine! Our letterheaded paper is also made from recycled paper.

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