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Governance and Ethics

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. Boards of directors are responsible for the governance of their companies. Shareholders also have a role in governance by appointing the directors and auditors, and by satisfying themselves that the company is being governed appropriately.

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

There is a direct correlation between financial crime risk and the culture and governance of an organisation.

Compliance may be driven by regulatory requirements, however financial crime compliance risk management is not solely driven by regulatory requirements.

In many unregulated organisations, where governance about acting in the correct and ethical way is evident, it has been shown to have a positive impact on productivity, as well as savings against loss caused by fraud.
Our clients talk to us about how their organisations are conscious of their financial crime compliance obligations but often the pace of expansion through popularity (through Apps and industry recognition) offers challenges that require practical and prompt advice to remain compliant. It is these challenges that we seek to assist our clients with as they endeavour to find the balance between growth, regulatory risk and managing the cost of compliance in an increasing complex arena.
Adopting a strong cultural approach to combatting financial crime driven by the governance of senior management is more frequently being recognised as a business enabler, leading to greater retention of employees and greater satisfaction and profit from commercial relationships.
With specialist expertise in advising on fraud, financial crime, bribery and corruption, Tenet can assist a corporate body to instil an understanding of the approach to positive financial crime governance.
This can lead to development of systems, policies and culture to aid and effect a zero-tolerance stance to financial crime both internally and externally.

Creating a culture of zero-tolerance takes time and can only be achieved with the backing of all those involved with governance; it must be adopted from the top down. Tenet can advise on and assist a Board through training, drafting statements and policies, and advise on correct procedures and good governance.

To discover more download our White Paper, Leading to loss Leaders, Culture and Fraud.

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As your business evolves, you are more likely to be at risk or become a target for financial crime. Speak to our team and let us help identify those risks.

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