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  • BBC Breakfast News

    Arun Chauhan was invited to join the iconic red sofa on BBC Breakfast news to talk about the forthcoming changes for financial institutions, aimed at safeguarding consumers’ cash and ensuring reimbursement for victims of fraud.

  • Sky News

    Arun Chauhan interviewed by journalist Martin Brunt, discussing the case of Mark Acklom, a notorious conman who was sentenced to five years in prison for fraud

    September 2023
  • BBC Breakfast News

    Arun Chauhan interviewed live from London sharing his expertise and raising awareness of the crucial role education plays in preventing fraud

    July 2023
  • Business Desk

    Award winning law firm fighting financial fraud across the region

    January 2023
  • BBC News

    Mobile phone fraud: ‘They stole £22,500 using my banking app’

    January 2023
  • Telegraph

    14000 workers report employers committing furlough fraud

    August 2022
  • BBC One – Rip Off Britain

    Do you know how to spot between a real e-mail or a fake e-mail? Fraud expert Arun Chauhan has some great tips on how spot between a real e-mail and text or a fake one

    July 2022
  • GB News

    System isn’t keeping pace with fraudsters’ | UK becomes ‘fraud capital of the world’ | Arun Chauhan

    June 2022
  • House of Lords

    House of Lords Fraud Act 2006 and Digital Fraud Committee – Arun Chauhan of Tenet was one of the witnesses giving evidence to the Committee in his role as a trustee of the Fraud Advisory Panel

    March 2022

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