We provide our advice with respect to financial crime compliance and fraud prevention through a consultancy model working on day rates or fixed costs.

An important factor that differentiates Arun being engaged as a consultant through Tenet as opposed to other non-legal financial crime compliance consultants is that Arun can ensure that legal advice privilege applies to the work undertaken ensuring confidentiality can be retained.

A good example of the risk of not retaining legal advice privilege would be in the event of compliance review work identifying failings in a client’s compliance programme and procedures.

Such findings would not be subject to disclosure of documents in subsequent litigation as they would be protected by legal advice privilege. Otherwise a report on the failings may become disclosable.

For investigations and recovery of losses we operate more in line with traditional litigation legal services charging by hourly rates but seeking to provide quotes for work for stages of a case and seeking to risk share if appropriate to do so. We seek to work with litigation funders and after the event insurers to apply innovative funding solutions for clients of all sizes.

Our Services

Financial Crime Compliance and Regulatory

Whether you are in a compliance role or in an in-house legal role, it is likely financial crime compliance will be an issue that your organisation take seriously.

Fraud Investigation and Litigation

When fraud is suspected, or discovered, it often catches individuals and organisations unaware. Gaining early advice so to learn what to do, to understand your options can save valuable time and therefore prevent or contain loss before a situation may worsen.

Advisory and consultancy to in house legal, finance and compliance teams

  • Training on financial crime compliance and advice on anti-corruption and fraud prevention measures and procedures.
  • Training on emerging threats and risks within certain sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, not-for profit and sports.
  • Risk assessments on exposure to fraud or financial crime be it as to identifying risks and provision of advice as to management of such risks or identifying risk of non-compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Governance and ethics advice and training aimed typically at senior management.
  • Policy and procedure drafting and implementation with respect to financial crime compliance.
  • Reviews relating to policies and procedure relating to bribery and corruption, fraud prevention and reaction.
  • Advice on self-reporting on discovery of corrupt behaviour internally or with associated parties to an organisation.
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Investigations and asset tracing

  • Court ordered disclosure from third parties where data protection would otherwise prevent disclosure, for example from banks or the Land Registry to identify properties owned by individuals. (Non-party disclosure and Bankers Book Evidence Act 1879 Act applications).
  • Freezing Injunctions and Search Orders.
  • Working alongside specialist investigation groups or undertaking direct open source searches in house.
  • Asset tracing to assess merits of pursuing a case or to develop evidence in support of movement of assets to demonstrate possible dishonest conduct.
  • Interviewing of personnel connected or with knowledge of potential defendants.
  • Undertaking investigation and review of whistle blowing reports.
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Litigation services focussed on civil and commercial fraud disputes

  • Employee fraud reaction to seek recovery of stolen money, intellectual property, data (such as customer lists) and seeking damages for loss caused.
  • Employee breach of restrictive covenants claims.
  • Responding to findings of bribery and corruption leading to pursuit of proprietary claims for recovery of monies paid or gained through such dishonest conduct and termination of agreements arising out of such activity.
  • Pursuing claims for damages for breach of fiduciary duty by directors or employees to include shareholder disputes (unfair prejudice claims by minority shareholders).
  • Professional negligence claims against former advisers who failed to detect fraud or mis-managed litigation relating to a fraud claim.
  • Advice concerning regulatory issues arising from connected alleged dishonest conduct.
  • Claims for misrepresentation where a party has been misled about entering into a contract or making an investment, for example on acquisition of private or public shares or when purchasing a property.
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  • The team at Tenet has been an inspiration to me for their ability to think outside the box and innovate when confronted with challenge. Arun is excellent at what he does, but he is always on the lookout for new ways for Tenet to address the problems his clients face. The way he manages his team means there is always someone able to pick up the phone or an email thread and reply promptly when time is of the essence. More impressively, Tenet come up with new – not to say disruptive – ways of solving their clients’ issues.

    Banking Client
  • I have worked with Arun on a number of fraud related cases. He is an excellent lawyer who understands this complex area of law as has experience of cases with UK and international aspects. He works hard to find solutions for victims of fraud, whether larger organisations or individuals, and whether they are based in the UK or elsewhere. He provides a credible alternative to larger law firms offering this niche area of advice

    Nigel Jones QC
    Hardwicke Chambers
  • Arun is an astute lawyer who quickly sees the issues and possible routes for claims and asset recovery on our fraud cases. He has attention to detail and is easy to get on with which is why we continue to invest in our relationship with him and Tenet

    Christopher J. DeLise, Esq.
    Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Delta Capital Partners GP LLC (a Litigation Funder)
  • Tenet’s expertise lies in their ability to assess the existence of financial crime risks, offer practical advice to counter fraud and financial crime from case experience, investigate concerns and react appropriately be it with implementation of procedures or through litigation to minimise financial and reputational loss

    David Clarke
    Former Chief Superintendent and Director of National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
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