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Reputation Management

An individual’s or business’s reputation can take years to build, but can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Modern day social media has only made this problem worse.

Litigation Expertise

Things can alter at the touch of a button. More and more breaches of cyber security (email addresses or company servers) are also becoming commonplace.

Victims of fraud, scams or cyber-attacks, often do not want their vulnerabilities published in the newspapers or over social media. This also extends to nuisance stories that could significantly tarnish your reputation. For some individuals or businesses, for the whole world to know what has happened is a sign of weakness. It could damage their brand or public perception and cause significant financial and reputational loss.
At Tenet we work with individuals and businesses to manage their exposure, identify risks and respond when things go wrong. We have close relationships with leading PR agencies, IT cyber protection firms and if required, leading barristers in their field.
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We work with individuals and businesses to implement strategy to avoid or respond to events being publicised. The quicker we act, the better the outcome. The best way to avoid issues arising is to prevent information/stories being posted in the first place. Prevention is better than cure. With enough time, we can prevent stories being published.
If, however it is too late, there are various options to prevent stories from remaining in place or notifying the public it has no basis. There are a range of tools available to us including injunctions, tracing who is responsible for the post (Norwich Pharmacal application), procedures to follow to request the removal of online content and public apologies together with obtaining compensation.

To discover more about the world of financial crime and fraud please see our Fraud Hub.

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