• Why we exist

    “We wanted to create a place of work where lawyers can be a better version of themselves: to give our team a platform to offer all types of clients a more accessible route to specialist legal advice helping them to prevent and respond to fraud.”

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  • How we are different

    “By investing in software that allows true agility in the way we work without compromising on service, we created a way of working that lowers our operating costs. As a result, our rates to clients are lower without the need to compromise on our niche areas of expertise. Put simply, we are driven by our product and not our profit."

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  • What we do

    “We are a niche law firm offering advice and consultancy on issues of compliance, prevention, investigation and reaction to commercial fraud and financial crime. We deal with some really interesting work so come and take a look.”

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Tenet Compliance & Litigation

Tenet Compliance & Litigation is a specialist firm providing advice on financial crime compliance and responding to fraud. Our aims are simple, to provide a high quality, cost effective and personal service to our clients whether they are: individuals, companies or not for profits.

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  • "I set up Tenet firstly to create accessible specialist legal advice for clients, that have become targets or victims of fraud and financial crime.

    Secondly, I wanted to create a truly values based firm removing traditional limiting practices such as targets and presentism. I wanted to work in an environment where supporting the client and helping them access specialist legal advice was our priority. In essence, to work in a manner that brought us back in touch with first principles and to why we wanted to have a career in the legal profession”

    Arun Chauhan, Founder, Tenet Compliance & Litigation
  • “I wanted to create a website that reflects not only our experience in our specialist area of law, but also my personality....this may just explain some of the images used on our website...!”

    Arun Chauhan, Founder, Tenet Compliance & Litigation

Featured on TV

Featured as an expert on The BBC

"Arun is a regular expert on BBC’s Rip Off Britain where he offers legal and practical advice on fraud issues ranging from cybercrime, bank and pensions fraud."

    Case Studies

    Shareholder dispute

    The one with the manufactured accounts and forecasted future profit.

    Client Type - individual

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    We were instructed to advise minority shareholders in relation to a dispute with majority shareholders arising from a previous offer to acquire the majority shareholders’ stake in a private company. The minority shareholders made their offer to acquire the majority shareholders’ shares based on financial information that had been disclosed.  An offer was made for […]
    • Tenet’s expertise lies in their ability to assess the existence of financial crime risks, offer practical advice to counter fraud and financial crime from case experience, investigate concerns and react appropriately be it with implementation of procedures or through litigation to minimise financial and reputational loss
      David Clarke - Former Chief Superintendent and Director of National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
    • Arun is an astute lawyer who quickly sees the issues and possible routes for claims and asset recovery on our fraud cases. He has attention to detail and is easy to get on with which is why we continue to invest in our relationship with him and Tenet
      Christopher J. DeLise, Esq. - Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Delta Capital Partners GP LLC (a Litigation Funder)
    • I have worked with Arun on a number of fraud related cases. He is an excellent lawyer who understands this complex area of law as has experience of cases with UK and international aspects. He works hard to find solutions for victims of fraud, whether larger organisations or individuals, and whether they are based in the UK or elsewhere. He provides a credible alternative to larger law firms offering this niche area of advice
      Nigel Jones QC - Hardwicke Chambers

      Our Services

      Financial Crime Compliance and Regulatory

      Whether you are in a compliance role or in an in-house legal role, it is likely financial crime compliance will be an issue that your organisation take seriously.

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      Fraud Investigation and Litigation

      When fraud is suspected, or discovered, it often catches individuals and organisations unaware. Gaining early advice so to learn what to do, to understand your options can save valuable time and therefore prevent or contain loss before a situation may worsen.

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