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White Paper

Fraud… Nothing to see here!

Why another year of nil returns may not be as good as it sounds!

Introducing a thought-provoking white paper focused on the affordable housing sector co-authored by Tenet Law and Newid Consulting. This report challenges the perception that fraud risks are often understated among Registered Providers of affordable housing and explores proactive measures to maximise financial and social returns by combating fraud.

This White Paper seeks to inform the debate about the types of fraud which may exist and spark the interest of how fraud prevention has positive cultural benefits as well as helping those who defend their organisations, customers, and themselves against fraud.

We also hope that it will initiate a dialogue with the sector’s regulator to influence future editions of the Sector Risk Profile report. By doing so, we aim to contribute towards the protection of affordable housing assets.

Hot topics covered in the White Paper

Why Affordable Housing?

The affordable housing sector has many risks to consider, representing a complex ecosystem that makes an organisation exposed to a variety of frauds which are ever evolving. If fraud is not talked about enough or the impact not sufficiently understood and, if we do nothing, could it be the next sleeping giant that catches us out?

Fraud Types

Less-known frauds might not be well understood, and it’s crucial to examine how they are being identified and dealt with. Sometimes, fraud in affordable housing can arise from unexpected sources. We need to think about the fringes of fraud and explore those risks just as diligently to make the links across our business operations.

Culture and Fraud

Preventing and mitigating fraud risk shouldn’t be viewed as extra work, but rather an opportunity to cultivate a better culture and improve our processes and above all, do what is right. For housing associations, fraud is not just about loss of money. The waste and misuse of that money takes away from the very purpose that drives the sector – providing affordable housing.

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Fighting fraud for Housing Associations

Housing associations are a frequent target for corporate fraud. The threat can be from within or external. Our experience has enabled us to help governance and assurance teams prevent fraud and in house finance and legal respond to fraud. 

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