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Fraud investigation
Non-Party Disclosure

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Advice was provided to a group of 340 plus property investors in relation to understanding whether they have been victims of an alleged fraudulent property scheme run by two companies that were later in liquidation.  The scheme resulted in the clients investing into properties in numerous companies including domestically in the UK and further afield in Spain, the United States and Cyprus. 

With the benefit of litigation funding, the clients were advised to make an application for non-party disclosure in the High Court against the liquidators of the two companies. We obtained the companies’ books and records.  These documents required 1-2 weeks to review. The review revealed the internal communications and mechanisms of the companies.

Review of these documents revealed that several individuals within that organisation had directed misrepresentations to be made to hundreds of investors (including the clients) relating to property sales.  These misrepresentations concerned due diligence having been undertaken and discounts being provided on property purchases off plan which was not true. This led to many loss-making investments for the clients, many of whom losing life savings as a result.

By obtaining non-party disclosure of the companies’ books and records, this enabled the clients to be able to structure their legal case against the individuals that perpetrated the fraud against them.

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