Having only come to life in the Spring of 2016, doing our little bit to help is important to us. We may not be able to make a huge difference but want to do our little part and hope to keep doing so increasing bit by bit.

In early 2017 we were approached about helping find sponsors for a community hospital dance project (Open Door Dance Events) led by a lead ballet dancer at the Birmingham Royal Ballet (Iain Mackay).

In summary, he was looking for sponsors to help fund bringing a professional ballet performance to patients and staff, firstly at local hospitals such as the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and secondly, if successful, further afield.  We are proud to support Iain and his efforts.  After all, Iain is trying to bring a smile to faces and that has to be a good thing.

Iain has now moved on to the Yorkshire Ballet Summer School, a charity providing a great platform to develop a new generation of ballet dances from all backgrounds.  We were asked in 2018 to sponsor a 16-year boy who has never attended any summer courses before due to his personal circumstances. He is from a single parent family and is one of 6 siblings, their mum is a trained nurse but has been unable to work due to family circumstances.  This boy is immensely talented but could not afford the travel for the audition let alone the summer two-week residential course.   We were asked if we would sponsor this young talented student and have sponsored his two-week course.  

We have recently decided to sponsor a local school for one of the children of a member of our team.

The school are lacking state funding due the budget restraints and tentatively asked if any businesses would sponsor them for marketing purposes, openly saying it is not a glamorous opportunity! Whilst we are not perhaps reaching our potential clients, but that is okay, you never know and it’s nice to help.

As for the environment, we try to be ‘paper-less’.

No lawyer will tell you they can be truly paperless, frankly it is not possible but we realised we do not need to print out everything we read and send. If we do need to print for internal use, a client of ours suggested we try double sided A5. What do you know, it actually works just fine. Our letter headed papers is made from recycled paper.

Everything starts
one step at a time

We know it is not much but as we say, it’s our little bit and everything starts one step at a time. We plan to do more so watch this space. Any ideas for how we may make a difference, please do get in touch.
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