We are niche

Our firm is led by one of the first dual qualified lawyer and compliance professionals with expertise in financial crime compliance, investigating and reacting to fraud. Our experience in this field enables us to quickly identify the issues a client is facing, map out options for dealing with those issues, and execute a plan.

Our experience in this niche area has also educated us in how to respond to the unexpected when dealing with fraud as no two cases are the same, and there are often unexpected turns along the journey.

Our expertise is focused on helping those targeted by, or victims of, fraud and financial crime. Our services are separated between fraud prevention (compliance and governance) and fraud reaction (investigation and litigation).

Fraud and financial crime presents itself in many guises but central to every case is an allegation of dishonesty. The majority of our work centres on advising clients about preventing or reacting to dishonesty.

We are not only niche because of the area of work we advise upon, we are niche due to the way we operate.

We recognise that there are many victims of fraud for whom investigations or reacting to fraud is prohibitive due to cost and therefore using larger law firms is not feasible for them.

At Tenet our team all have national law firm experience and our aim is to plug the gap in the market. We provide an affordable service that allows clients to access help for losses rising from £10,000 to £5 million. We occupy the space between large law firms with specialist offering and smaller firms without.

We are one of the only firms in England that specialise in dealing with concerns around fraud, typically not being conflicted to act against large institutions such as banks. Since we formed in 2016 we have shown that we have the expertise and resource to advice clients that range from global and domestic corporates, to SMEs, not for profit and individuals. We are accessible to all.

Who we represent

In our first year of existence our clients ranged from individuals, multi-billion dollar listed company in the USA, a large international hedge fund, a large London housing association as well as a number of SMEs, as well as other sizeable companies.

For individuals, we in our second year won an important ruling in the Court of Appeal on issues not decided at that level of Court to date addressing issues of the validity of the appointment of Administrators. We acted for individual creditors.

Our clients have found that whilst smaller and essentially a new brand, we demonstrate that we know what we are doing and service is key to what we do. They also appreciate our approach to fees and our flexibility, transparency and cost.

Our specialties

If you are looking for a law firm specialising in advice about fraud and financial crime and want to work with solicitors who recognise that people buy from people, we may just be worth a look.
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