Employee Fraud

Tenet is ready to advise and assist at every stage of an investigation into employee fraud, right from the initial internal investigation, through to recovery of losses.

Following a thorough internal investigation, Tenet is experienced in using the tools of the Court process to ensure that any funds, information or assets obtained through dishonest conduct are traced and any relevant assets frozen, if appropriate.

After all, Tenet understands that despite being the last part of the process, enforcement is one of the first things that should be considered.

The Kroll Global Fraud Risk Report for 2017-2018 reports that information theft, loss or attack was the most prevalent type of fraud experienced by respondents in 2017.

Common examples of employee fraud are:

  • Diversion (theft) of money or assets of an employer by the employee
  • Stealing customer databases, intellectual property or other valuable information to aid a competitor or set up in competition to the employer
  • Overcharging or forms of expenses fraud

Case Studies

Employee Fraud

The one with one employee with the audacity to commit two completely separate frauds…

Client Type - not for profit

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Advice was provided to a large housing association in relation to recovering losses caused by an employee in their property and maintenance division.  The employee had managed to build a relationship with one particular contractor so to allow circumnavigation of procurement guidelines.  The employee had divided the value of maintenance and development contracts to an […]

If you suspect or have been affected by the conduction of an employee resulting in the theft of money, confidential information, intellectual property or trade secrets, then Tenet can advise on the various options available to a client, such as search and seizure orders, spring board and/or freezing injunctions.

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