Food fraud – ‘putting product ahead of profit’

In Food Navigator, Arun Chauhan, founder and director at Tenet Compliance & Litigation, has recently outlined some of the key fraud risks facing businesses within the food sector and how these can be mitigated.

Food fraud is extremely common across the global food supply chain. Even something as small as mislabelling or misrepresentation within the food industry can have devastating consequences for both the consumer and the business. Reputational damage resulting from any uncovered instance of food fraud can be detrimental to a food business’ future.

Tackling food fraud is about instilling a culture which places product ahead of profit. If a business is profit driven and its team are assigned high profit targets, employees might be led to cut corners to meet these targets, particularly given the fine margins within the food industry.

The key is leadership. To be effective, changes should come from the top – leaders need to embed a zero-tolerance approach for any small wrongdoings to deter any fraud within their organisation. Leaders also need to look to reducing pressure on employees to improve their motivation and avoid disenchantment, a key indicator of fraud.

Want to know more? Read the full article in Food Navigator.

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