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Case study

The one where
a client with the fictitious property investment scheme

We advised an individual who believed that they were investing in a property investment scheme that offered an alleged significant 20% return of investment within one year. The scheme allegedly operated by receiving monies from investors to build luxury residential properties, with the sale proceeds to then be distributed accordingly. In reality, the individual was misled in relation to the existence of the scheme and alleged return on investment.

The individual believed that they were making a sound financial investment for their family’s future that could not be matched with “high street” investment schemes. The initial investment was successful, and the individual received positive financial returns. This led the individual to being lulled into a false sense of security and reinvesting the initial returns, together with further money, into a further three alleged property investments.

It transpired that the further properties did not exist. It was a sham. Advice was provided in relation to their options for recovery which were founded in negligent/fraudulent misrepresentation.

We prepared pre-action correspondence alleging fraud against those individuals operating the company that was alleged to have misled our client dishonestly about the scheme. After a relatively short period of exchange of correspondence, the individual was able to recover a large proportion of the money they had invested in the scheme.

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