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Tenet Compliance & Litigation is a specialist firm providing advice on financial crime compliance and responding to fraud. Our aims are simple, to provide a high quality, cost effective and personal service to our clients whether they are: individuals, companies or not for profits.

Our services can be broken down into three parts.


Training & Governance advice on fraud prevention

We provide advice about governance responsiblities concerning the prevention and detection of financial crime. We believe and recognise that investing in prevention of fraud risks is often less costly and more efficient than having to deal with the cure.


Investigation of fraud

We advise and can provide full legal investigation support to any organisation or individual that suspects that they have become a victim of fraud. We have considerable experience in using the court process to investigate fraud and have a track success of delivering positive outcomes for our clients from our investigation work.

Alternatively, we can provide advice to clients on their internal investigation procedures and assist as or when the client needs help.

The investigation process reviews the different pathways to establishing fraudulent behavior and conduct by considering the variables of each case e.g.

  • Looking at how a fraud event may have occurred and who perpetrated it.
  • Considering if there is a risk of the fraud continuing, ongoing loss of assets and damage to reputation.
  • Identifying and preserving the evidence in support of the alleged fraudulent conduct
  • Identifying the location of assets of those involved
  • Developing pre-litigation strategy


Advice on litigation

  • We support clients, that know or strongly suspect that they are victims of fraud through the litigation process.
  • We advise on litigation (using the civil court system) to try and assist victims of fraud recover from the damage suffered, be it loss of money, goods or confidential information, or simply protecting their reputation.
  • The common processes involved in this type of litigation can involve freezing injunctions or non-party disclosure applications. Whatever our clients’ needs we give focused, supportive and realistic advice.
Based in the central UK location of Birmingham we are ideally situated to serve all of our UK clients stretching from Edinburgh to London as well as our international clients.

We are niche

We are niche and focus on cases where dishonesty is at the heart of the issue. We want to help and will always make the time to listen, whether the client is a large corporate in the USA, the Middle East or a local SME or individual.

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