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Our focus is to make the cost of specialist, legal advice more accessible for victims of fraud. Our experience in dealing with fraud cases enables us to forecast fees with greater insight – offering a more cost-effective solution for clients.

For compliance advisory work, certainty on fees for projects is important rates for this area of work are:

  • Half-day (4 hours) rate of £750 + VAT
  • Full-day (8 hours) rate of £1,250 + VAT

Please note: this is in addition to any travel or accommodation charges. For organisations based outside of the UK, costs will be slightly higher.

For investigations and litigation work, our lawyers are typically charged out at around a third less – measured on hourly rates – than national law firms.

By first getting to know you and your problem, we are able to determine if we can genuinely help you before we charge you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you.

As we have no individual billing targets, our team’s sole focus is on delivering strategy and work which gets results for our clients.

If a claim has a good prospect of succeeding and defendants appear able to pay for any loss, we will often offer a discounted, conditional fee arrangement – deferring up to 50% of fees and only claiming this deferred portion if we succeed. We do not charge success fees.

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